Once you’ve created your fundraiser, here are our top tips to help you Be Bold and spread the word—raising funds to help children and adults with hearing or vision loss.

Add a photo to your page

Adding a photo is the best way to personalise your page and will increase the likelihood of receiving donations.

Tell your story

Update the ‘story’ section on your fundraising page to tell your friends, family, and other supporters about your fundraiser and why helping children and adults with hearing or vision loss is so important to you.

Share your fundraising page

Be Bold! Tell people about your fundraiser by sharing on social media, over email or via SMS. Sometimes people forget—so there’s nothing wrong with a friendly reminder!

Make a self-donation

Once you have the first donation on your page, others are more likely to follow suit. So why not make the first donation yourself! By doing this you’re setting the benchmark for others and showing that you care about the cause too.

If you’re hosting an event—think of ways to limit costs

Reach out to venues and businesses who could help with things like raffle prizes—you’ll be surprised how many are willing to help, and it’s a great way to keep costs to a minimum!

Say thank you

Remember to acknowledge donors when you receive a donation. Saying thank you goes a long way.

Increase your goal

If you reach your goal, increase it! People are more likely to donate to your page if they can see you have a little way to go to meet your goal.