Be Bold for a loved one

Let's redefine what's possible for children and adults with hearing or vision loss.

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How to Be Bold for a loved one

Honour the life of someone you love by creating a personalised online tribute page where you can invite friends and family to donate in memory of someone special.

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Here's how it works

Step 1

Create your page

Create your online page in memory of your loved one.

Step 2

Personalise your page

Set your fundraising goal and personalise your page.

Step 3


Share your page and raise funds for NextSense in memory of your loved one.

What you'll get for Being Bold...

We're here to help and support you to Be Bold every step of the way in your fundraising journey.

Create your fundraiser now and you'll receive...

Fundraising page

A personal fundraising page to personalise and share with your friends and family.

Coaching and support

You'll receive personal support and guidance from the NextSense team.

Free hat

When you raise $100 you'll receive an official Be Bold hat!

Will you Be Bold and redefine what's possible? 

Yes, I'II Be Bold