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Celebrate your special event and make a difference

Asking for donations instead of a gift is an inspiring way to celebrate your special occasion! Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or any other occasion, you can use your special day to help change the lives of adults and children with vision or hearing loss.  

Our friend Jason is unlike most nine year olds. Usually they can’t wait for their birthday party; the cake, the decorations, the excitement - the presents. Jason is a very special nine-year-old who decided to give up the gifts and asked his party guests to give a donation to NextSense.

 “I have everything I need and I’d like to help someone else out…so I hope I’m bringing some happiness to you,” Jason wrote. Jason and his wonderful party guests sure did give us some happiness by fundraising almost $2000! Now Jason wants to inspire you! Give up your birthday, do a challenge, host a party – get creative and fundraise for NextSense.

Donations in lieu of gifts are simple to arrange and are the perfect alternative for any celebration you have in mind, all you have to do is create your fundraising page today! 

By choosing to raise funds for NextSense, you ARE changing the lives of thousands of Australian’s with vision and hearing loss – ensuring that the sky is their only limit! You will be helping to give adults and children equal access to communication, education, literacy, therapy and health services, together, we can redefine what’s possible!

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