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Let's redefine what's possible for children and adults with hearing or vision loss.

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How to get active

Whether you walk, run, swim or cycle, getting active is a great way to fundraise and support NextSense.

Choose an activity, set yourself a target (it could be to run a marathon in a month, a week, or a day—it's up to you!) and step out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself. The funds you raise will open up a world of opportunities for children and adults with hearing or vision loss.

Be bold and create your fundraiser today! 

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Choose your activity

Choose your activity and create your fundraising page.

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Set your fundraising goal and personalise your page.

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Be Bold, share your page and raise funds for NextSense!

Fundraiser stories

Sofi Barac’s half marathon

Sofi ran her first half marathon to help raise awareness and funds for NextSense. Sofi’s daughter Natalija was born with bilateral profound hearing loss and wears cochlear implants to help her hear.

“I want my daughter to know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. With consistency and hard work anything is possible”

Sofi raised almost $5000 to support children like Natalija with hearing or vision loss, so they can reach their full potential.

Mirko goes MAMIL

Mirko loves his motorbike but swapped it over for his pushy for a day to support people with hearing and vision loss.

Mirko chose to ride circuits of Parramatta park for 4 hours with his friends and family all cheering him on! For a guy that hadn’t ridden a bike in a very long time it was an ambitious challenge.

“I was definitely sore for a couple of days after but it was all worth it to finish the challenge and do something positive for people with hearing and vision loss”

What you'll get for Being Bold...

We're here to help and support you to Be Bold every step of the way in your fundraising journey.

Create your fundraiser now and you'll receive...

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A personal fundraising page to personalise and share with your friends and family.

Coaching and support

You'll receive personal support and guidance from the NextSense team.

Free hat

When you raise $100 you'll receive an official Be Bold hat!

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